Sena 50S Battery and Network Problems


I recently received a dual pack and decided to try it out with my partner. Here are the list of issues that I ran into while using the Sena 50s. For added context, I am not new to Sena or motorcycle comms in general. The battery level is the biggest issue at the moment because I rely on it quite a bit to tell me accurate info so I can plan my trips.

1. Battery life: After fully charging the device and leaving it for a week without charging it, one of the 50s got discharged completely (would not power on). The other would power on and show 30%. When charging the battery life would fill up to 60% within 10min but then if you unplug it would show that it's discharging around 1% every 10-20s on the iOS app. Luckily we thought this was a software bug and went out riding anyways. Device lasted for more than an hour even though we did get the warning pings suggesting it was low on battery. It fell to around 20% and wouldn't go down any further.

2. Audio bluetooth device switch constantly happen if I leave the device paired but use a different bluetooth speaker while playing music. My phone would constantly switch to the sena even though I was not doing anything and just enjoying music using my airpods.

3. Network range was very short. ~1000ft with clear line of sight and I constantly lost connection on bluetooth and ~1500ft on mesh.

4. No ping or alert when we lose connection so we didn't know when we lost connection without talking and hearing the audio cut.

5. If rider was playing audio while on intercom (mesh) the audio would constantly get interrurpted when there is strong wind noise coming from helmet. Dual sport helmet on Freeways would create a bit of wind noise inside and not allow the rider to enjoy the music.

6. There were music sharing issues but I see that maybe recently addressed in the recent firmware.


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