Sena 10c Evo volume drop out

Has anyone else had issues with their Sena 10c Evo or any other Sena product auto reducing volume while listening to music from an Iphone.

I have tried everything I can think of from Factory resets, different device, phone in airplane mode so notifications are off but still the problem exists, I've played about with different settings on the Sena app but still no fix

The volume appears to reduce at random times almost to a mute and then I have to manually turn it up everytime.

I've had contradicting statements from Sena saying it has Smart Volume Control and then another employee tells me the 10c Evo doesn't.

The latest response has been that they're are going to release a firmware update  where * Fixed an iss​ue where audio recording was often cut off when recording at low volume

Mine does it at all volumes so not sure this'll be the fix, having had this product for three weeks and spent a premium to get this device i'm somewhat disappointed with the audio side of it.


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