Voice commands on 50s



  • Mike Luca
    Mike Luca

    OK..in the App, under Device Settings, Headset Language there is an on/off slider for voice prompt. If it is on, then you may want to change the mic sensitivity. Under 'Device Settings - mesh intercom' Intercom-Audio sensitivity is 1-5 (it appears in other settings but they are one in the same) try increasing the sensitivity and/or moving the mic closer to your mouth.


    Read up on the WiFi dongle...its pretty slick. You can also download the specific WiFi dongle app for the phone. Once I got mine working it makes life easy. If the middle LED is lit up, there is new firmware. Just plug it in, walk away for a bit and boom. Short of that, the PC/Mac software is still an option via USB for upgrading the software and changing settings.




  • Demitchell46

    I disagree a bit Mike. I struggled a lot with that WiFi dongle and my local access. The name of my WiFi wasn’t liked by the 50S and it took a lot of research to find out why and make it work. Sena should improve the instructions for this.

    Yes, it’s nice to have updates loaded automatically, but numerous times the 50S has told me via that middle blue light and verbally that new software has been installed. When I connect via the device manager it shows no new firmware number. So I’m assuming it’s really telling me that it checked for an update, but didn’t really update anything. 

    Also, voice commands don’t seem to work unless the unit is Bluetooth connected to my phone. I ride a 2018 Goldwing. If Bluetooth is turned on and the phone is connected to the 50S, CarPlay will not connect via the usb connector. The only way to get CarPlay to work is to turn off Bluetooth on the phone. Sena needs to address this functionality. 

  • Demitchell46

    Ah. Just got voice commands to work. Seems I was waiting too long between Hey Sena and the command. Finishing the command without any hesitation allowed it to work. Argh!  Just thought all you folks should know. 

  • Vange Mourmourakis
    Vange Mourmourakis

    Still can't get any response to a voice command. I'm on firmware v1.0.9.

    I've tried various pronunciations of Sena, without any luck. :( 

    A friend on the 30K has no issues, but I did note that his app has an option to turn voice commands on/off which doesn't seem available on the 50s/r app.


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