Audio Multitasking doesn't work on 20S Evo

We can't get the audio multitasking to work while having a conversation. We hear each other fine, but the music we have playing doesn't fade down into the background. Ofcourse we both have the setting enabled (tried on the app aswell in the sena configuration itself) and played around with the sensitivity overlay but that didn't change anything either.


Mine is connected to a OnePlus 7 Pro and my girlfriend's is connected to a Huawei P30. We received the 20S Evo 2 days ago and have only played around with it while in house, we are going on our first ride now to test out some other things but wondering if we are doing anything wrong with setting up the intercom maybe?

Googled around for it and also used the search function on this forum but can't seem to find a solution to this anywhere.


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