50s Audio Mixing



  • Ryan Ballou
    Ryan Ballou

    It's also worth noting that the pairing instruction state that you must pair your GPS with the actual GPS pairing feature and not as secondary phone pairing or this exact issue will pop up.

  • Michael Luca
    Michael Luca

    Thanks for the info. I paired Phone #1 to my iPhone and the second channel as GPS. I tried all other combinations just for giggles, with a healthy reset to factory after each. 

    To be clear, this is only when I have three things going on, Music from phone, Mesh Intercom (possibly it went to BT...not sure but I will delete the BT profile and try again) AND GPS directions from the Zumo. If the music is not playing, it overlays the GPS and Comm nicely.

    Will continue to tinker.

  • Martin Stone
    Martin Stone

    Looking at User Guide it looks like you need BT Intercom Audio Multitasking enabled:

    Have you tried this?


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