50S and double low-tone beeps with wind noise



  • Chris

    We went from the 30k to the 50S and the wind/background noise is terrible on the 50S, we switched back to the 30k main unit and the noise is gone.  We also have upgraded the FW to 1.0.3 and it did not make any changes to the noise, looks like maybe a reset is in order. 

  • Randal

    Same thing is happening to me. Listening to music, everything is fine until I hit freeway speeds, then double beep, and "Intercom Failed, try again later"- over and over and over..... makes the unit useless as I shut it off in frustration, 

    Opened a support ticket, we'll see what they say. 


  • Martin Schempp
    Martin Schempp

    Probably the wind noise activate the intercom.

    What happens, if you deactivate "Vox-Sprechanlage" (Bluetooth-Intercom Settings)?

  • James Bye
    James Bye

    Hi, I have just got this unit and updated it to the latest firmware and I am getting this exact issue! Does anyone know if this got bottomed out?


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