10U not recognized by PC or MAC

This has been driving me nuts for days now!! I own x2 Sena comms units, the Sena SRL which is nicely integrated into my Shoei Neotec II and the 10U which is also nicely integrated into my Klim Krios. The SRL connects to my MAC perfectly and i've been able to update the firmware with no issues.

However, the 10U is not recognized by either PC or MAC. I'm using the cable that came with it, connecting it up and holding down the - button but nothing works. I can't even connect the unit to the Sena Utility App on my phone now as it states the unit needs to have the latest firmware!! 

I've dropped a ticket to Sena for support so am hopefull they'll be able to assist but thought i'd drop a note on here to see if anyone else has experienced the same issue and what they did to resolve it?


Many thanks in advance..


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