Sena Expand-02

Just bought my first Expand-02 and have another one arriving any day now.

I have been though the instructions and done the software update and have done a factory reset as well,  then the software update and reset.   When I press the relevant buttons to blue tooth sync I don't get the flashing  red and blue,  I just hear 'intercom pairing and see a fast red flashing,  while hearing a two-tone beep.  I don't get the other options when pressing the relevant button.    I understand the Sena Expand-02 runs Bluetooth V 3.0.    Does this mean that it will not work with an iphone SE  (Bluetooth 4 I think)?

The main purpose for having the headsets is for working on board our boat, to communicate with my mate on the foredeck while I am in the wheelhouse.  I am really hoping the two headsets will work together.

Is there anyway to update the blue tooth version?

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