10C EVO Audio Recording Options



  • George M
    George M

    I came to the community to ask about this as well.  No surprise to see that someone has brought this up and there are zero responses.  It was bad enough before not being able to turn off my heavy breathing, coughs, clearing my throat, etc, but now any music or navigation is on recorded videos as well.  Ridiculous.

  • Santiago Julian Galaz
    Santiago Julian Galaz

    Couldn't agree more with this. For me, recording other people is cool and makes for good videos. But vlogging and playing music over my voice with no control is downright dumb. Basically, I have to have no music on to vlog. 

    My Sena 10c was perfect with all the options it had minus the quality difference the 10c evo offered. Like all in all, This who experience with the 10c Evo has been a step backward.

    I was hoping on getting the mesh added but instead got an upgraded camera with less control and no mesh.  Time to go back to GoPro in the meanwhile. 

  • romandavis

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  • Hamster323

    Agree feel bad for not options for this 

  • shinewaston

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  • April Nelson
    April Nelson

    The lack of this feature is not only a regression from the original model, but also creates potential legal consequences for users who accidentally record private conversations without consent. An interesting suggestion is to integrate it into either the camera app or the service app, paying attention to the change in interface design between the two models Additionally, I recommend that you consider purchasing an article review service to ensure that your proposed solution is thoroughly evaluated and implemented. This will provide valuable feedback for the development team to consider when improving the Sena 10C EVO's functionality and user experience.


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