10C Evo - turn off Smart Audio Mix / Speaker Sound Recording

With my 10C and 10C Pro, I couldn't turn off recording of my own voice during videos, but I DID have the option to exclude nav/com/music.

I now have a 10C Evo.  Not only am I getting my heavy breathing, coughing, clearing of the throat during video recordings like I did before, but I'm also getting any music and/or navigation that is running at the time.

I've double-checked the settings both via the Android Sena app and the Windows app, and I'm not seeing a setting where this "feature" can be turned off or changed.  I really do hope that I'm just looking in the wrong place or doing it wrong.

The latest available version of the User Guide has "(Always On)" next to Smart Audio Mix.  It appears that I have gotten a downgraded feature experience by upgrading my hardware ... Shirley You Can't Be Serious.


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