Sena 5S crash when hang out a call while listenning music with Samsung s10e


I just bought a new Sena 5S and discovered that the Sena just crach after I hang out a call while I was previously listening music (tested on samsung galaxy s10e)

Step to reproduce:

1. connect sena 5S to your samsung s10e phone

2. open spotify or deezer and listen music

3  call someone or make someone call you

4 answer the call or hang out

6 ... (as soon as you hang out, the sena play the music for 0.5 second and crash)

7 The sena 5S just crash


I test the same scenario with an Iphone, no problem at all. 

We use 3 new sena s5 to make sure it was not a faulty 5S and firmware version is up to date 1.0.3.

If you use the radio instead of music, it does not crash.


Nobody report this problem before i'm very suprise.

Just my advice, don't buy SENA 5S if you have a samsung s10 :)




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