SENA 50S. Needs a lot of work.



  • Bill Eickmann
    Bill Eickmann

    Great report, Mark.  I think many, but not all, of these issues have been solved with the latest firmware release, 1.08.  Again, great work.

  • Mark Harrison
    Mark Harrison

    Funny you posted  this. I did read about 1.08, and have 2 new 50S on the way as of last Friday. CROSSING FINGERS!!!




  • P Fardellasr
    P Fardellasr

    Patrick F.
    having truble paiting my tomtom 550 with 50S and my iPhone 8Plus. they seam to pair but no turn by turn sound from the 550 to my headset.?
      it will say arrival time is: but nothing else, not turn by turn.
    in the sena Menu. where is the channel 2 settings?

  • Mark Harrison
    Mark Harrison

    FW 1.08 has addressed the Audio Multi-Tasking feature. Feature went from a ZERO to a NINE.

    Thanks Sena.

  • Howard

    The 50S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System with Mesh Intercom are terrible !!!one of has buzzing background noise !!

    The battery won't last 20 minutes with a full 24 hour charge!!

    The other has a lot of background noise and will run about one or two hours I am not happy!!!


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