Sena 50S improvement suggestions, and applies to most of products.

50S> Flip-Up antenna. Get rid of it. Add the radiating element into the speaker wire that can be placed inside the helmet, under the liner. If properly installed it will be far superior for transmitting/receiving as compared to the fragile flip-up antenna on the device.

50S> MESH switch. Move it. Not in the ideal spot for operating the device with heavy gloves. The ambient button location, or even in front of the jog dial, would be more ideal than where it is now.

ALL > Make the devices WATERPROOF and have it rated.

ALL > Cease advertising misleading distance ranges. None of us who own these devices ride in the conditions that would POSSIBLY provide the range as listed. Especially the BT range. I have been using Sena devices since the pre-USB SMH10 days, and never have any of the devices ever came close to the advertised range. I feel you will gain more customer TRUST by advertising a REALISTIC range one should expect. Which is about ½ or less of what you claim.

ALL > Send some pre-released units out to hard core Sena users for testing, BEFORE you release new models. Not just to You Tube reviewers that connect A to B, and call it good. Nothing is more frustrating to learn that several of the claimed features have MAJOR flaws that are easily discovered by actually using these devices in the ‘real world’ instead of some testing lab. Would these hard core testers find all flaws? Certainly not. However I found numerous flaws with the 50S units (1.0.6) within a few hours of hard core testing. You will gain more TRUST in your consumers if your were to release a product that has been tested by actual motorcyclist.

ALL > Offer a battery replacement service. I’ve changed dozens of batteries in these devices. It’s not difficult. Or continue to be greedy and suggest buying new units and continue to receive the negative press.



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