Sena Group Intercom & Smart Pairing connection sequence

We almost always have trouble establishing intercom connections on our group rides. 

Consider the sceneario 6 or 7 riders show up at a meet to ride together. They want to have a group intercom between all riders. Everyone has as Sena product, with firmware capable of using "Smart Intercom Pairing". Some of the riders have connected to each other in the past and on their Sena Utility App they may show one or more of the group's riders already in their list of "Intercom friends".  There's usually a pretty large gap distance wise from front to rear of the group when traveling.

Who scans who to get this setup? What order do the other riders need to show up in the "Intercom Friends" list?  Should every rider have every other rider in their list?  Do some riders need to delete or move the position of other "friends" in their list?. Who needs who in their list and in what order?  That is, who scans who?

Then, who starts the intercom?

We have tried a variety of ways and end up with random connections and some unable to connect at all. The one time we managed to get 3 connected we did 1 to 2, then 2 to 3 daisy chaining them together. But we've been unable to replicate.

Whats the best way to start fresh to ensure everyone can be connected?


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