Sena SRL2 speaker upgrade and compensation to existing customers



  • Paul Keefe
    Paul Keefe

    Hi - I've just purchased a Shoei Neotec II Helmet with the sole purpose of having a great lid but also an integrated communications system like the SRL2. After reading all the hype on how good it was, and my previous experience with a Sena 30K I went ahead with my purchase. Installation was a breeze and it didn't take to long to figure out the pairing requirements to suit my BMW K1600GTL, iPhone XSM & the SRL2. Phone communication was great but when it came to playing my music library that's when my smile disappeared from my dial. The sound reproduction is abysmal, low quality & no bass. I then looked into a speaker upgrade only to find that Sena has so far upgraded all other models with new firmware & Heavy Duty replacement speakers - except for the SRL2. These systems do not come cheap and I respectfully request that this issue be looked at post haste so as to keep loyal Sena users like myself from looking elsewhere.

  • sllarso

    I am also disappointed with the music sound quality from the SRL2 system.  The speakers included with the SRL2 are not even as good as my old 20S, and there is no upgrade available for them like there is for the 20S.

  • Timothy Barlow
    Timothy Barlow

    It's definitely perplexing and a little frustrating, as the system itself is great, but the speakers just don't justify the price. I'm still not sure why they upgraded almost every other speaker except these ones!

  • cpskeen

    I too have the SRL2 in a Shoei GT-Air II.  Nice fit, and I appreciate the integration with the helmet, but the speakers are of poor quality and don't emit enough volume.  (Same problem everyone else on this post has described.)  I would love (and feel it is fair to request) an upgrade kit rather than the only option being to buy a new system.

  • Grzegorz

    Hi, week ago i bought 2 Shoei neotec II and 2 SRL2 sets.

    Tested one set on Saturday. On SENA page you can read "Best in class" i wonder what the reference is as the quality of music is simply low. Additionally, quality of voice from GPS device is just awful, I can't understand a word. I spoke today to a friend who has the same helmet but with cardo set, he says music is fantastic. Actually i would like to return that unit because it has ver little in common with voice quality. HW looks good but it simply doesn't do good enough what it is supposed to do. If i can't return the units I would certainly expect free upgrade as that thing wasn't cheap.

  • Shane Jayasinha
    Shane Jayasinha

    I couldn't agree more with all of the statements written here. Functionality is brilliant as well as integration physically into my GT Air 2 however sound quality on music is absolutely horrific.

    I had an Interphone F4 system in my old helmet over 10+ years ago & the sound quality on that was much better than offered on this pricey unit. Cannot say I'm overly happy at all as yes the intercom & phone functionalities are great but let's face it - when we're having a cruisy ride - music simply amplifies the experience.

  • Joe Moos
    Joe Moos

    I just bought a GT Air2 and plan on buying the SRL2. However, for now I'm using my trusty SMH5 with it stuck on the side. That is until i hear an intent from Sena to upgrade the SRL2 to include better speakers and a 3.5mm socket. These mods can be done relatively outside of Sena, so i don't understand why Sena hasn't chosen to do so in-house. And if there is an intent to do so, I'm not going to spend $300 without an upgrade path.

  • DW

    I bought the Shoei Jet Cruise II and the SRL2 specifically because I wanted an integrated solution.  Thinking that Shoei  would align themselves with quality vendors.  Whilst overall the SRL2 functions its speakers are just terrible.  For what I paid this is disgusting.  Almost not fit for purpose unless you drive everywhere at under 40kph.    I think far more effort should have been spent on the speakers, rather than just choosing the cheapest mass produced garbage on the planet.

    I am utterly p*ssed off with the amount I spent.  Should have bought a Cardo.  

  • DW

    I was going to but the HD upgrade they have for their other headsets and solder them in, but then like you I said why should I.  The headset was so expensive the speakers being fundamentally central to function should have had NO EXPENSE spared, especially give they can just be unplugged and replaced like their other gear.

    Real middle finger to their customers IMO

  • Mark Mallonee
    Mark Mallonee

    I agree 100% with complaints in this thread.  I've had several SENA systems and currently have the SRL in my NEOTEC II and sound quality is horrible.  I was very excited to learn SENA was finally was offering HD speakers only to learn the SRL community was left out.  Thanks for Nothing SENA!

  • Gonzalezdaniel

    I have the GT-Air 2 and I also got it with SRL2 for the integration. I remember the volume for music sounded higher than what it is now. I agree that the volume and quality is horrible. The speakers needs to be upgraded and for us users a free upgrade. Right now I can't even upgrade the firmware because my Mac can't recognize the device. I'm very frustrated.

  • Vanilla me
    Vanilla me

    100% agree, audio isn't what I expect for this price. And an added bonus - my SLR2 won't start after a charge! I have to fiddle around with the buttons and inserting charge cable to get it back to life. Nice....not.

  • DW

    Yeah same, I have given up on my SRL2.  Its a piece of sh*t.

    Every email has gone unanswered and as you can all see they are not even active on their own community forums.  It really is disgusting how they do not give a sh*t about a part of their customer base.

    I am 100% no longer a Sena customer!  I would advise anyone against the SRL specifically.  They know full well the SRL 2 was rushed to market.  Ignore the problem and it will go away right.

  • Mike Bond
    Mike Bond

    I have a SRL2 installed on a Shoe J-Cruise2 and have the issue of low volume at speeds above 40 mph. The unit is nicely integrated and any fix for the volume would be appreciated.

  • Christian Larsson
    Christian Larsson

    I couldn't agree more with all of the statements written here. Functionality is good as well as integration physically into my GT Air 2 however sound quality on music is really bad. No bass what so ever.

  • Peder

    I also totally agree on this subject, the sound quality of the SRL2 is subpar.

    I'm comming from a Neotec with Packtalk (first version before slim & bold), the sound quality was excellent and radio reception perfect, sure it had wind turbulence from the unit.

    Then I upgrade to Neotec II and I thought I get the SRL2 with it and yes no wind turbulence is great but the sound quality and radio reception is just bad, sure I can use a radio app on my phone but then there is still the issue with the speakers.

    So a replacement speaker would be highly appreciated because I will not buy a new unit then I rather accept the wind turbulence and put the packtalk on the side instead.

  • Jhelpern

    I also purchased the SLR2 specifically for the Shoei Neotech and I have to agree they are garbage speakers. I also didn't think through before purchasing how difficult it would be to use the controls with gloves on. I am selling these. Shame on you SENA for treating a loyal customer base like this. You have the power to make this right but you choose not to.

  • Bert Hennink
    Bert Hennink

    I also am very disappointed y the poor audio quality 
    It sounds terrible with music sound. What a bummer.
    I think Sena should replace them free or at low cost!
    Now I regret this device and I am concidering to move over to CArdo if that can be used with my Shoei Neotec helmet


  • Eric Foster
    Eric Foster

    Echoing all...,

    I bought the Shoe Neotech II helmet and SRL2 about 18 months ago at a quality motorcycle dealership.  I also bought an additional SENA Bluetooth headset for my wife's helmet.

    My decision to buy the SRL2 was driven by the SENA name, integration into Shoe Neotech II helmet, and the specifications listed on the SRL2's box.

    It kind of goes without saying, when you select this product, there is no opportunity to verify the performance BEFORE you make the purchase and integrate it into your new helmet.

    The sound quality was such a disappointment, I've been anxiously waiting (and checking) for SENA to provide a path for an HD speaker upgrade.

    I did have a little hope when I read in the manual and reviews that this unit is basically a 20S model.

    You can be assured that if I have to add another unit to the outside of my helmet to solve this issue, IT WILL NOT BE A SENA unit.

  • Stephen Esson
    Stephen Esson

    I have the 20s, the Sena ARK on an AGV helmet and now the SLR2 on my new SHOEI GT AIR 2.  Obviously been a loyal customer over the years...  Really disappointing that the speakers on this unit are so poor.  Tend to turn my music off due to such poor quality.  Also a pity there is no option for speaker position.  Made a huge difference on the 20s….  Does anyone know if you can upgrade to a better speaker for this unit? Not that I should have to!

  • David Gaul
    David Gaul

    Good for Sena for bringing out a speaker upgrade kit for their systems. But so typical of Sena to overlook and disregard their SRL community (which I imagine is sizeable) and exclude, or not provide any process to upgrade the SRL..!
    As for customer support, non existent…!! My recent experience with their so-called “customer support” relating to their very ordinary rc3 remote control was comical at best. 

  • Richard

    Over one year later than the thread starter... intergration is very good, but sound qualtity is stil very, very bad. I had a N-Com 902 in my old helmet and the sound quality was very good. Just recently bought  the Shoei Neotec-2 and SRL2 and i'm disappointed in the SRL2 and feel it's way overpriced for the quality it provides. I read this summer the SRL-MESH is comming with better harman kardon speakers. It would be a nice gesture from Sena to offer some kind of possibility to swap the subpar SRL2 for the new SRL-MESH. I'll be happy to pay for the price difference as long the sound quality of the new SRL-MESH is up to today's standards.

  • Alex Wright
    Alex Wright

    Agree with speaker / sound quality on music with SRL2, so disappointed with mine, bought it for the integration with the lid, and Sena's otherwise good rep. Need an upgrade to fix poor quality that Sena are already aware of. Im also writing to Shoei as I will change helmet brands as a result of this. I only bought the intercom for music integration, most of my riding is solo 1 bike. Very disappointed.

  • Bert Hennink
    Bert Hennink

    also I discovered that the GPS directions do not have a separate control so with my tomtom rider  the sound is extremely loud. Turn it low and everything else becomes very silent

  • Tom (masterX244)
    Tom (masterX244)

    Noticed that in the recent "Sena Motorcycles" Android app changelog there was a mention of 2 devices: "SRL-Mesh" and "SRL-Ext". No mentions of those elsewhere on the site yet. Got to dig deeper on the available info sources around the interwebs...

  • David R Amsterdam
    David R Amsterdam

    Apart from the audio problems I also experience great difficulty (it just won't work) with the firmware update of the SRL2. The phone app won't work anymore with the firmware on the device and the app  recommends updating the firmware, but that doesn't work since the device is impossible to find when connecting it with USB to the PC and Mac Laptops (I tried both in various combinations, cables etc.) 

    I hope support answers my call for help.

  • Gonzalezdaniel

    I haven’t been able to update the firmware either. I tried the troubleshooting steps and nothing.

  • Troy Lorencz
    Troy Lorencz

    I was similarly disappointed with the sound quality when listening to music on the SRL2 in my Shoei. Using the intercom is clear and decently loud, but music is tinny and sounds worse as you turn it up. My friend suggested I try wearing foam earplugs which sounded counter intuitive but it actually improved the sound coming from the speakers. I'm not sure why, but it works. Still have to have the volume turned up high but at least the music is clearer, to the detriment of battery life. Please Sena, come up with a speaker upgrade for the SRL2 without making us purchase a new unit. 

  • Kosta K.
    Kosta K.

    One of the most regrettable purchases of all time!

    The GT Air II itself already was a massive disappointment but the 270€ I've paid on top of the 600€ helmet for the Sena SRL2 garbage brings disappointment to a new level. A user interface from the early 2000 paired with a sound quality from the 1920s for a price that it was never worth it to begin with. Both Sena an Shoei will be companies that will never see a single cent from me, not only because of their unbelievable bad product but mainly for their even worse (or should I say non existing?) customer service!

    DON'T BUY THE SRL2, you will regret it!

  • Rob Bradish
    Rob Bradish

    Another GT Air II and SRL2 user here. I also travel regularly and wear a set of bose Bluetooth Noise Dampening on the plane. It is truly amazing, the sound quality , of those little ear buds, so imagine my surprise when I found out the SRL2 Technology is close in quality to the transistor speaker of the 60's. Phone is fine, Intercom and mesh are fine, but audio is worse than horrible. I talk to Sena and they say yes, they are aware, and that the Sena mesh is coming soon with integrations from Harmon Kardon. I would advise you save your money. The audio is a modicum better but certainly not worth the added cost and not worth ditching the SRL2. It is still, really bad. I will be keeping them for Intercom only, but, when not using the intercom, the buds go in for phone and audio. Truly, and underwhelming upgrade.



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