Auto reconnect

Okay peeps, thought i would ask, I have had my 4 sena 20S evo units for a number of years and once all in group mode things work well (except for the latest 2.0.5 update causing issues with starting a conversation!!) but occasionally we get too spread out and the intercom disconnects (we are in group mode), I get a regular beep from the intercom to tell me there communication has dropped, but even when we get back close together, the intercom never reconnects, the beeping has continued for upto 30 minutes even when we are next to each other. the only way I can reestablish the intercom is to physically turn the unit off (that started the group intercom), then turn it back on and restart a group. everything then works until we get too far apart again. I thought the intercoms where supposed to reconnect automatically? Was I wrong or is this an option that needs to be set? The reconnect feature has never worked in the years I have had the units? Just one of many annoying problems with these intercoms, but wanted to ask if anyone here could help.

Cheers Gary


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