Battery, Mesh and Sound issues with 50s

Anybody else with all these problems at the same time?
Device: 50s, latest firmware 1.0.9, 4 months old, just did a complete factory reset, but issues getting worse


- Battery seems not to charge properly, charging light turns from red to blue instantly and app says 100% charged. Taking device of charging cable, turning off/on again app says anything between 60%-75% battery life. Putting charging cable back on instantly jumps to 100%.

- Even after charging for an hour the device didn*t charge and kept on saying "battery low"

- Battery life in total didn*t seem to be very good from the beginning

- Worst problem however: when listening to music and turning Mesh ON after a few minutes the device hangs up and crashes with a loud noise. I then need to turn off/on the device and start all over...happens every couple of minutes, absolutely useless. I had this issue before on my last tour, but now it's not a matter of sometimes, it's a matter of "after how many minutes" the device crashes and hurts my ears....I contacted my dealer (Louis, Germany) to see what he says because paying 430€ for a dual pack that doesn*t work is unacceptable!


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