Freewire-01 for Harley mic impedance/Carplay



  • michael.j.christopher

    +1   Just discovering the issues with both Freewire and the Sena produced WHIM.  I am holding off on purchasing because of this issue.

  • Frank Thomas
    Frank Thomas

    What would be the necessary modification of the current cables to enable Apple CarPlay while using the Sena Freewire.

  • Ken

    It won't be as easy as an impedance-matching transformer in the cable.  A transformer can match a Low z to Hi z, but there's not enough power in a highZ output to transform to low Z.   
    However, an impedance-matching amplifier in the mic output circuitry of a Freewire would certainly work.  Designs for such are commonplace.  If the Freewire had such a circuit, it would be truly and fully Harley Davidson-compatible.  




  • richard

    When I measure the ohms of my new 2023 cable from Harley, I'm getting 6k ohms. That is the only headset that works. None of the Sena cables work. I put a 1.5k resister in the passenger hed set plug in the mike terminals and car play will start with my freeware in the front headset outlet. I do get an echo in the mic and Sena has no support for there products.


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