Sena 50s volume

I bought the duo 50s (not Harley branded) headsets. Trying to use without WHIM or Freewire with google assistant commands rather than pairing with my Boombox GTS. Didn't know this unbranded 50s will pair with a Harley WHIM because they've forced us to buy their branded Sena in the past, so good to learn someone says it works. The issue I'm having is that the volume for music is barely audible at max volume. I've seen this is an issue with others but haven't seen a fix or Sena response to the issue. This is a dealbreaker for me and unless there's a fix I will have to return these. Anyone have this issue and have a fix? I have phone at max volume and 50s at max volume. I've changed the equalizer to different settings with no change in volume. If I use other bluetooth headphones at max volume my music is deafeningly loud so this is a 50s issue.

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