Sena Comms & WHIM.

I have the Sena 20S *2.   Sena 50R *2 and Harley Brand 30K *1

I have finally got Apple Car Play to work on my 2019 Harley Davidson RG.

By, switching on bike, then Sena 50R and then hard wiring Iphone to bike.

The 50R is connected to bike via Bluetooth, Iphone connected to bike by lightning cable.

50R is NOT connected to the Iphone via Bluetooth.

Apple Car Play works fine.

Now here comes the problem,

I have no comms with my partners 50R even though I did before connecting Iphone to bike.

The only way to have comms with partners 50R is to disconnect the phone from the bike.

This is the same for all 3 models listed above.

BTW all firmware is upto date.


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