Sena 50s Volumu Issues



I own a Sena 50s and have using it with Iphone X. Before the last patch 1.1 i was able to manually set different volume levels for my mesh group (my pillion) and the music i listen to because i dont like when the music fades when i am talking so its better to have it at same level with the comfort level i choose while my group talk can be seperately handled. I was able to change the music level via phones volume up down buttons while sena dial handles the communication level part. After the update they merged into together and i cannot find a way to seperate them again. 

On another note, when i want to change audio overlay and etc from application on my phone app, the sliders move but i also recieve "failed"  info appearing on my screen for a second and then it dissapears.


So far i have reset it via this little hole on the back of the intercom, returned it to factory settings, re updated via connecting it to computer, removed the app from my phone and installed it again, made it forget the connection between phone and intercom and repaired it. nothing seems to work. I need help


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