Sena 10C EVO mit Garmin Zumo


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  • Chris Soerensen
    Chris Soerensen


    i noticed with phone call yesterday, if you have your sena 10c Evo connected to Garmin ( in my case zumo xt) and you have your phone connected to Garmin to 

    So its like a triangle , Sena -->Garmin  ... Sena --> Phone... Phone --> Garmin ... then you will get a shitty call ,,, but if you remove the phone FROM garmin , evrything is ok .. you have direction to your sena and phone calls to your sena in ok quality .. The only thing you Cant do is to make calls via garmin.. but you still get the directions and music and it will mute when a incoming phone call is comming.. 

    i hope it makes sence ..  


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