Video Tagging feature ruined in 10C Evo

I've been using the original 10C camera since it came out and extensively use the video tagging feature.  When enabled, this feature allows the 10C to constantly record video but it is not saved to the SD card until the user press the camera button to tag this recording, then this video file is saved to the SD card.  Thru the setting, the user can determine if this video file is recorded at 1, 2 or 3 mins long with.  I always set this to 1 min.  Because of this handy feature, if I missed recording something of interested on the road, ie. an animal or an interesting road sign, I can always tag it after the fact and as long as the camera was pointed in that direction, it will be saved to the SD card.  It is almost a bit like recording the past.  As long as video tagging mode is on, if I did not press record in time, I can always tag it after and I know it will be saved onto the SD card.

I just bought a new 10C Evo rebranded as Kenwood KCA-HX7C and learned that Sena has completely changed this feature.  Gone is the option to select a time limit to record the tagged video files - it is only 3 mins long.  Instead of a dedicated Video Tagging mode, I have to start a recording first and then tag it.  And when tagging is completed, it is still recording video to the SD card.  This is completely different than how the original 10C handles video tagging, which is 100% better than how it is implemented now!  

In the previous version, you tagged what you wanted to keep and that's what was saved onto the card.  Now, everything is saved to the card and the tagged portion is just put into a different folder.  How is this better than the previous implementation?  

Utterly disappointed!  I am going to keep my 10C and returning the Evo.  If there's any traffic on this site, I hope others can chime in if I'm wrong on how this current video tagging is handled.  But I don't believe so given this old thread:





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