50C Various Issues



  • Bill Eickmann
    Bill Eickmann

    Usually "intercom failed" comes up after an attempt to connect to another unit by pushing the button or the equivalent voice command.  If you are not attempting to connect, I would suspect a defective unit. My 50R work pretty good, but not voice commands with any background noise.

  • saban aktas
    saban aktas

    i bought sena 50c too. Voice commands are not working with the 50c but working with bixby and google voice assistant. I cant talk to people who calls me and when i call people. I record videos but my voice is not recordindg. 50c is very complicated and usless ! idiot production of sena.difficult to use and set up. I regret buying and   paying 500 dollar for 50c. i learnt my lesson intercom and camera 2 in 1 useless. buy camera seperate intercom seperate.not sena 50c

  • Just received my 50C unit today.  I specifically bought this because of the "Video Tagging" feature I have on my SENA 10C.

    Now I just learned from the Users Manual that the 50C "Video Tagging" feature is nothing like SENA's Video Tagging feature from the 10C.

    In fact, I can not even get the 50C to actually activate the "Video Tagging" mode.  Yes, Yes, I am in the Video Looping mode, recording for more than three minutes, and yet, the Video Tagging mode still does not function.

    Because this is a new model, just released, we are the first to complain about this problem.  SENA Help Desk representatives are of zero help.  They just read the Owners Manual to you, as if you have not done that already.


  • Chupa88

    If it works like the 10C Evo, you have to start recording first and while it is constantly recording, you press the camera button to tag.  I also have the original 10C and hate how they modified video tagging to its current state. 


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