This is my open letter to Sena Technologies regarding their 50s product.



  • Bill Eickmann
    Bill Eickmann

    I have two 50R units and they are pretty good.  The sound quality is better and louder than the 20.  The mesh intercom is better than blue tooth. I came from a 20 EVO and the 50 is definitely a better device.  I ride with a 20 owner regularly so i am very famiIiar with it at the current firmware level. I suspect you have a defective unit or two.  I would insist on an exchange or refund. 

  • Graham

    Bill maybe the the 50r is a better product. I have moved on to a truly better product the Cardo Edge. Night and day better! But here is the response from Sena, and it took them a month to come up with this. BTW the facebook group is hating the new HK versions as well and are begging for the older ones. Pretty sad if you ask me. Cardo and no regrets or looking back!

    Agent #13, Jun 17, 2022, 1:45 PM PDT:

    Hi Graham,
    I'm sorry for the inconvenience that you're experiencing and I'll take a note on this case to our developer team for the future and hope the issue will be fixed  

    Thank you,


    Technical Support Dept.

    CHAT is now available, please visit our Support Page:

    Sena Tech Support Dept.

  • Alexander

    +1 the same with 50S 

    Looking for opportunity to refund my money.


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