Sena 50s connection to zumo xt

I have my sena 50s paired to my zumo xt using gps pairing. My phone is also paired to the xt.  When I pair using bluetooth to a friend using an smh10, the connection between the xt and the 50s continually drops and reconnects.  I keep getting a message on the xt that phone call support has been disabled, then it will reconnect and disconnect every couple minutes. 

The same connection works ok when I'm using my bmw nav 5 gps.  I would like to determine if this is a problem with the 50s or with the zumo.  It is extremely annoying to the point that I just 'forget' the device while connected to the smh10 rider, and no longer have phone or music access.   Both devices are up to date on firmware and have been reset and re-paired hundreds of times. 

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