SR10 to Motorola TLK100 adaptor cable

Hi All.

I'm part of a group of motorcyclists who work non-profit community events which involve the use of two-way radios. Recently the organizations we work with switched from regular UHF radios to a digital radio system which runs thru the cell network. In particular they started using the Motorola TLK100.

It turns out that making an SR10 adaptor cable for this radio is not easy as it has an active PTT circuit that needs to be closed as well as the PTT circuit for the SR10.

Anyway, we've managed to work out how to make a cable and put up a web page documenting the process.

I'm posting here for two reasons. First to let others know and secondly if you have any feedback or improvements, we'd love to hear about it.

The cable page is at: https://sr10-tlk100.emu.st

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