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Not able to see my smh10 when I connect to my computer Jay Smith 33 comments 20 votes None
50s Wifi adapter can't find home wifi network Dustin Manhart 32 comments 1 vote None
Volume Level adjustments between "hello Sena" and stereo A2DP music from phone David Bennett 31 comments 11 votes None
30K mesh is terrible Chris Grant 30 comments 5 votes None
Sena 10c won't update or record Daniel Binder 29 comments 4 votes None
Sena 5S crash when hang out a call while listenning music with Samsung s10e John 28 comments 0 votes None
When do you have a Windows phone application available for Sena 20S? Janne Salonen 28 comments 20 votes None
Can the boom mic pass through (or be made to pass through) to the audio output? Chris BeHanna 28 comments 25 votes None
Sena 10c not recording and gets stuck in 'off' mode Jeff Andrews 27 comments 0 votes None
Android 4.2.1 (Galaxy S3) voice dialing not working Stuart Farr 26 comments 6 votes None
Voice recognition fail on 50S Jeffrey Morrison 25 comments 1 vote None
Cold temp shutting off James Gibb 25 comments 10 votes None
SENA 10C V3.0 Firmware no audio Paul Gray 24 comments 0 votes None
Sena 30K Bluetooth Intercom - epic fail Fred 21 comments 2 votes None
Is anyone else experiencing static when using the intercom? If you did were you able to remove it by doing somthing? Tweeteew 21 comments 4 votes None
SMH10 Firmware upgrade on Mac Ken Gillett 21 comments 9 votes None
Sena 10U shoei neotec Bart Vanderkelen 20 comments 0 votes None
Failed to recognise device ... failed to open USB Steve 20 comments 4 votes None
Voice commands to Droid Stanley Pierce 20 comments 6 votes None
firmware 3.2 software update stops after 8% Rob Geubel 20 comments 0 votes None
Sena 10S google maps volume starts quiet Adam Kacala 19 comments 2 votes None
Sena 10C Camera Preview Peter Kringle 19 comments 11 votes None
Audio multitasking is poor John Gonzales 19 comments 8 votes None
Intercom Failure Frank Trau 19 comments 4 votes None
50S problems Sean West 18 comments 5 votes None
10C Pro Firmware Update Device Recognition Issue Nader Mansourian 18 comments -1 votes None
72% Update Freeze Sena 30K Thijs Dijkstra 17 comments 0 votes None
20S - Is it possible to switch between music player and phone music? Mastiff 17 comments 0 votes None
Very heavy wind noises in videos kawaklx650 17 comments 0 votes None
Samsung Galaxy S3 and SMH5 Tdilores 17 comments 1 vote None