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Leverage Jog button while on a call to Mute
11 votes 13 comments
Sell to the skiing enthusiast
4 votes 3 comments
Lanyard attachment point on the main unit
7 votes 18 comments
Works a treat, except soft ringer tones, and a flimsey mic. base.
0 votes 1 comment
Would love to see a Goldwing factory audio/CB interface!
16 votes 92 comments
17 votes 59 comments
Jog Dial Mute Button for bluetooth music
2 votes 3 comments
Bike mounted system
1 vote 2 comments
Road Trip / Group Audio
2 votes 1 comment
Throat microphone
5 votes 2 comments
Please provide a monaural option for headset.
1 vote 2 comments
Pairing two SMH10 headsets to one device
10 votes 13 comments
add FM radio to SMH10 and remote control on handle bar
14 votes 19 comments
SPH10 - interconnection expansion, network development.
3 votes 5 comments
The ability to conference in the passenger for listening to music or phone conferencing
42 votes 35 comments
Update auto pairing with SR10
7 votes 4 comments
European Swap out to get the main unit with the latest Firmware update versions
0 votes 10 comments
SMH10 Manager Mac-compatibility
6 votes 74 comments
12 votes 8 comments
Audio Mixing
4 votes 14 comments
Combination speaker/earphone baseplate? Featured
78 votes 207 comments
SR10 Stereo audio option
15 votes 17 comments
SMH10 microphone audio level settings
13 votes 33 comments
provide audio feedback from the recieved device back to the transmission devices speakers
7 votes 29 comments
allow audio source priority to be changed by the user
26 votes 18 comments
To offer a better head phone connection design
2 votes 3 comments
Offer the Main Unit Seperately
6 votes 6 comments