Do you have a feature that you would like to be added to a Sena product? Do you have a suggestion for something that is not currently available on a Sena product? Make a topic in this thread and we will check it out.

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Combination speaker/earphone baseplate? Tor Amundson 207 comments 78 votes None
SR10 Stereo audio option Lu Vencl 17 comments 15 votes None
SMH10 microphone audio level settings Lu Vencl 33 comments 13 votes None
provide audio feedback from the recieved device back to the transmission devices speakers Randy Leonard 29 comments 7 votes None
allow audio source priority to be changed by the user Randy Leonard 18 comments 26 votes None
To offer a better head phone connection design Joe Wirthman 3 comments 2 votes None
Offer the Main Unit Seperately Michael DeShazo 6 comments 6 votes None