Do you have a feature that you would like to be added to a Sena product? Do you have a suggestion for something that is not currently available on a Sena product? Make a topic in this thread and we will check it out.

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Water resistance Alancad 4 comments 2 votes None
Free shipping from manufacturer taryn.goslow 0 comments 0 votes None
Sell the helmet clamp base unit as a solo unit without the x2 extra microphones. So I can safely swap my beloved 20S between my helmets. Ray Stanbridge 0 comments 1 vote None
Loop recording for the 10c Mark Mueller 3 comments 11 votes None
Audio functions (pause, skip, etc) not working with Android 5.0 Phil Walsh23 0 comments 0 votes None
Update App to Include Individual Volume Settings Neil Khatib 1 comment 9 votes None
Video tagging auto stop in case of accidents Colinmc2 2 comments 7 votes None
10C Video tagging more seamless in between footage Wan 0 comments 0 votes None
10C App upgrade able to control On/Start/Stop/mode camera recording Wan 1 comment 3 votes None
A simple suggestion: Improve the Quality & Durability of Products! Glenn Bennison 3 comments 0 votes None
10C Improvements Gregg Smith 27 comments 15 votes None
10C Audible Action Notifications sound level adjustment Laurentiu 6 comments 8 votes None
Sena 10c - audible reminder camera is recording Gregory Peart 3 comments 4 votes None
Simple mounting kit for handheld use (like a walkie talkie) phil harris 0 comments 0 votes None
Fix SMH10's frequency response - especially the bass (music is impossible to listen to on a m/cycle) Mijeau 0 comments 0 votes None
Request: Add loops to the next 10C and lense cover Stephan Seitz 0 comments 3 votes None
Volume adjustment on 20s from motorcycle controls Jeshepar99 0 comments 0 votes None
No more "Ambient Mode Button" on Handlebar Remote Luca Sauda 0 comments 0 votes None
Shoei Speaker Kit Christopher Appleyard 0 comments 0 votes None
AGC on SENA 20S Kostas Ermidis 0 comments 1 vote None
Sena 10C - USB connected memory card access Peter Kringle 11 comments 5 votes None
Noise cancelation at speakers - e.g. noise canceling headphones smfollen 3 comments 2 votes None
Play a tone at all volume levels as volume is adjusted. smfollen 0 comments 0 votes None
Make the speakers, microphones and helmet clamps interchangable between Sena products smfollen 0 comments 3 votes None
10C time and date setting should not require a smartphone. smfollen 15 comments 1 vote None
Support 10C video configuration via device manager software smfollen 1 comment 1 vote None
Include USB cable with 90 degree connector with 10C smfollen 0 comments 0 votes None
make smh10 compatible with garmin sat nav Marshallbs 0 comments 0 votes None
Sena 10C Remember last state before power off Peter Kringle 0 comments 2 votes None
Updating the smartphone software Marv 0 comments 0 votes None