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Is the 20s waterproof? Michelle Halcrow 86 comments 4 votes None
When will Sena update to work with IOS 13? edboner 76 comments 3 votes None
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20S Ambient feature Ken 53 comments 6 votes None
Failed to recognize device. Cannot open USB Dzambel 39 comments 17 votes None
Not rain proof! ???? david haseldine 33 comments 5 votes None
Sena 50S Audio Issues Kevin Stevenson 32 comments 3 votes None
Stryker Firmware Scott Talbot 31 comments 0 votes None
Bluetooth Cutting Out when Playing Music Summitdogracing 30 comments 0 votes None
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Sena 20S Group Intercom Problems Vawas 27 comments 3 votes None
Why did my 20S microphone quit working? Boostmd 25 comments 0 votes None
Tap-Tap is toast Bill Henning 25 comments 4 votes None
Replacement 20s MUCH BETTER Thomashohl 23 comments 3 votes None
Group Intercom (from 3 to 8) - far from acceptable Cristian Nicolau 22 comments 2 votes None
Firmware Changes Ken 22 comments 1 vote None
When can we expect new firmware for the 20S Marc Telkamp 22 comments 0 votes None
20s and gopro bluetooth audio pack while listening to music Dexter 21 comments 6 votes None
20s with SR10 problem Ken Kimari 20 comments 0 votes None
Pairing Problem - iphone, Garmn 590, TPX BT Radar Detector Simon Dartford 20 comments 1 vote None
iPhone app crashes on Paring List action spoonyfork 20 comments 3 votes None
20s for 2014/15 BMW R1200RT with BMW Navigator 5 and iPhone Thomas Richards 19 comments 6 votes None
20S firmware 1.7.5 issues Wouter van der Post 18 comments 1 vote None
Voice Echo Using Freewire on Goldwing with 20s on Intercom Cindy Yarascavitch 17 comments 0 votes None
Sena 20S cannot update Firmware higher than 1.6.2 Diabolik65 17 comments 3 votes None
20S sound only in 1 ear Frank 17 comments 2 votes None
Can I pair to two phones and a GPS? Christopher Knight 16 comments 0 votes None