Schuberth SC2 - Radio doesn’t switch on while connected to my bike


I have a Schuberth C5 with a SC2 intercom (firmware is 1.1). I have some issues with the FM radio functionality. The SC2 works normal when its stand alone, which means not connected to mobile phone or bike. When I press the „minus“ button, FM radio switch on and there is a „FM on“ voice prompt. When the SC2 is connected to my BMW 1250 GS (firmware 23-011-060) it the radio doesn’t switch on at all. When i press the minus button for a second, there is a beep, but no radio or „FM on“ voice prompt. Nothing happen. I already did several reset attempts on the SC2 and deleted the connections on my bike and reconnected my mobile and the SC2, bot there is no changes. The radio does switch on, on the minus button press without the bike connection and doesn’t while it is connected. It seems to be an issue with the SC2 firmware as my Sena 20s and 50S don’t have this problems.

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