H-D Freewire phone issue


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  • Dmcdowell

    I'm having same issue with my gold wing.. 

  • Tina

    I'm having this same issue with my 2015 Ultra Limited.  I get my own feedback while talking on the phone or using the CB.  This is very annoying and doesn't make for a pleasant experience.  I never had this issue before I added the freewire.  

    Can someone from SENA chime in on this issue?



  • Kevin C. Reiner
    Kevin C. Reiner

    Im having the same issue on my 2010 Ultra....




  • Sidehack

    And there are NO answers from SENA??? ARE YOU LISTENING!


  • Carlos Eduardo Costa Pereira
    Carlos Eduardo Costa Pereira

    Hi. I'm new to FreeWire. How are you pairing your FreeWire ? I paired my Android phone with my 2014 Ultra. I paired my Sena 30K with FreeWire ( pairing FreeWire as my Mobile Phone on 30 K ).

    Everything is working great except intercom comunication with other 30K in my group. Neither Bluetooth Interncom, neither Mesh Intercom. They hear when I speak, but I can't hear then. When I turn off my Bike, intercom works perfect.

    All 30K in the group are using 2.0 firmware.

    Everybody in the group are using Sena 30K.

    Someone paired FreeWire on 30K as "Second Mobile Phone" or "GPS Pairing" ?

    Thank you.






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