Sena s20 and Garmin Zumo 395 LM, intercom issues

Firmware latest 07 2017 for Garmin and Sena.

History: 2 sena's s20 same firmware, two phones, no issues (never) for 1,5 years.

Problem: Garmin came into our lifes, now the intercom is always lost for longer periodes. We need to keep finding during riding after the garmin tells 1 of the sena's some info.

Short: Intercom is active and lost during the whole day. Garmin tells you to go right, we pair our intercom again. (total crap).

I think it has to do with a close channel command, my phone huaway is working perfectly with sena 20s (with routeplanner as software installed). No issue at all.

Garmin and phone are connected the same way, Phone is super stuff (hardware is super in the Huaway). Garmin does not have Bluethoth 4.1 etc (grap).

What I like to understand is why Garmin is doing things with a Sena s20 that is not ok. Can we trace the communication somewhere and help somewhere

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