10C paired with RC4 Remote DOES control camera!!

Just received my Sena RC4 handlebar remote...paired it to my 10C camera/intercom.

It appears to have full functionality (volume control, BT music, iPhone Siri access and commands for music/text, etc., intercom) AND (drum roll) IT CONTROLS THE CAMERA!!!

Tested with snapshot, video recording and video tagging modes and everything appears to work fine (the 'multifunction' button on the RC4 is like the Camera button on the 10C).

Two notes:

1.Mine wouldn't initially power on right out of the box...until I did a 'factory reset" on the RC4, then it powered up OK.

2. When you pair it to a headset (like my 10C) put the RC4 in paring mode FIRST, then use the Configuration Menu on the headset to select 'Remote Pairing'. The instructions say to do 10C first, then RC4 - not correct.

Reason: Remote Pairing mode on the headset times out too quickly and does not see the RC4. Do the RC4 first, THEN 10C and it pairs fine.

Fits the handlebar on my BMW K1600GTL without the included adapters, and the unit comes with a spare battery (type 2016).

So - two years after the release of the 10C we finally have a remote that works...cool. Look Ma, no hands (on the helmet at least)!


Ride safe!


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