New 30K won't turn on- maybe I bricked it?

I just purchased two of the 30K units.

I plugged one into my computer to charge while I installed the speakers
and mic. I downloaded the manager and updated the firmware on it.  I never turned it on, I just plugged it in- it connected- did the firmware update, and when it said complete, I unplugged it.

Once I had the speakers and mic in place, I put the unit on my helmet-
but it won't do anything. It will not turn on or respond in any manner
whatsoever. I tried both ways to reset that are shown in the direction

I then tried plugging it back into the computer and now the manager will
not recognize it either.

Please help ASAP. I paid for these almost a year ago from Revzilla and
just now received them- I am not happy to be having a problem.

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