boom mic and range

bought my 20s in june used it with my wife on a 600 mile trip it worked good battery life is great.left on a 2000 mile trip last sat. with friendsI usually last seems like when the leader goes around any corner or goes over a hill we get alot of static or get dissconnected.We are way less than the 1.2 miles advertised.My sph10 worked better,besides that we got caught in the rain once and my mic in the boom quit i can hear everyone ok they can't hear me.After leaving it on the a/c all night and using a hair drier i can be heard but not well.got. senas tech support got a ticket started while i was on the road.i tried one of the other mic' provided with the20s and it works. now sena has no eta on when i will get a replacement. Very dissapointed with tech support and the 20s is not what its cracked up to be at least for me

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