A couple of questions

Hello there. I am a new owner of 20S dual pack and so far it's been great.

However, I have two questions/issues and I hope you could help me solve these out:


1) In the Sena Device Manager -> device setting -> speed dial - I can only set up one number despite 3 bars being present. When I enter 2 and 3 and click save, these two simply disappear and number 1 is the only one left. How to fix that?


2) I was riding with my friend today and he has Sena SMH5 device. We tried to pair his SMH5 with my 20S maaaany times but we simply couldn't do that. How do you pair those? I mean, could you literally write it step by step please? Whatever we read in the manuals didn't work for us.


Thank you in advance.


Oh... and the FM sometimes has poor reception but I guess there's no solution to that.



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