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  • Roger J. Buffington
    Roger J. Buffington

    I recommend that you get the Sena application from the Apple Store and install it on your iPhone. This is what I use to set my three speed dialing choices and it works very easily.

    I cannot help you with the SMH 5 because none of my friends use it.


  • Maciej Tomczuk
    Maciej Tomczuk

    I do not own an iPhone but I have found Sena's app for Android as well. I will try it out later, thank you.

    Does anyone else have any solution to SMH5 pairing?

  • NFC

    You've been suckered into spending money on this faulty unit.  Sorry about your luck.  This unit is a scam, that's why it's called the 20Scam.


  • Maciej Tomczuk
    Maciej Tomczuk

    Cool, thanks for your input.

  • Jimdufault

    See if this works for pairing to SMH 5 (havent tried, but it works for other brands)

    1. On the 20S, enter the Configuration Menu by holding down the Jog Dial for 12 seconds until you hear the voice prompt say "Configuration". You can also activate the voice command system and give the voice command "Configuration".
    2. Rotate the Jog Dial clockwise or counter-clockwise until you hear the voice prompt "Universal Intercom".
    3. Tap the Phone Button to place the 20S into Intercom Pairing mode.
    4. On the non-Sena headset, perform the necessary actions to place the headset into Mobile Phone Pairing mode.
    Wait for the devices to pair together.

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