20s audio volume (music playback) gets louder on its own all the time

I'm losing my mind with this 20s.  It is possessed.  Here is the scenario.

I have one 20s unit and two clamp kits (one for my full face and another for my 3/4).

When the 20s is connected to the full face the audio volume stays consistent.

When its on the 3/4 helmet I can put the volume at a very low level then little by little as I am riding it gets louder and louder until I get the double beep because I am at max volume.  So I lower it down and then it creeps up on its own again.  It's very annoying.  This is only happening with my music playback, GPS and intercom are not being affected.  This is what I have done so far to try and fix it

1.  Tried the unit with smart volume control enabled and disabled.  Either way it does it.

2.  Rebooted the device every way possible.

3. Up to date on firmware's and have even gone backwards with firmware's.

4.  Exchanged the 20s for another one

5.  Exchanged the clamp for another one.

And it is STILL doing the same thing only on the 3/4 but not on the other.

Is the wind hitting the volume dial and creating a pinwheel effect on my 3/4 due to the location of the clamp?  I have no idea but I want to smash this thing with a hammer at this point.

Anyone else dealing with this issue and is there a solution?


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