Sound problems when 20S and 10S are paired

I bought two Sena 20S in January this year and a 10S in June this year. Issue 1: Intercom reach between the 20S does not live up to the 1.2km. After a few hundred metres, the connection starts breaking (even on an open road!). I keep on top of updating the software but still not better. Issue 2: Pairing three ways with 10S works, but the connection again starts not only fizzing, but also crackling/ knocking sound after a few minutes, which is incredibly annoying after a long ride! I also cannot figure out why the sound is crystal clear between the 10S and the first 20S intercom, whereas the third rider on a 20S can hardly be understood. If it's such a trouble with 3 riders already, how can an 8-way connection be ever working? I need a suggestion how to improve the intercoms. Any advice appreciated!

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