Failed to Recognize Device. Digitally Signed Driver is Required


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  • YvanGamache

    I second this request.  Disabling “driver signature enforcement” is not a good solution. Sena should provide signed drivers for their products.  It is now a requirement for Windows 10.


  • David Kuhn
    David Kuhn

    Will you please fix this, it's an absolute joke that you haven't addressed this, how are people updating their firmware. 


    I never thought I'd find a crapper company software wise than Cardo, yet here you are.

  • Stephen Kinchin
    Stephen Kinchin

    I had the same problem with SMH10 on 64bit win10. I happened to have an earlier version of the bluetooth manager which loaded the USB driver OK. I then re-installed the latest ver and all worked. Still not a substitute for a correctly signed driver.

  • Gerard Bourck
    Gerard Bourck

    Replaced the USB cable (which worked fine for charging my phone) with a different one, and alas, it instantly recognized my device (both 20S units).

  • mariakatosvich

    The issue of driver signature enforcement in Windows 10 has emerged as  one of the common problems in Windows OS. If you are worried stick about the same problem then you are not the only one. This article will enlighten you about everything that needs to know methods to fix Driver Signature Issue on Windows 10 PC. Happy troubleshooting.


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