20s Incoming phone calls when connected to GoPro backpack (GP10)

I have a Sena 20s and connect it to both my Android phone and a GP-10 (GoPro bluetooth backpack).   Everything seems to work mostly as it should, except that if I'm connected to the GoPro backpack that I do not get signalled in my headset (from the 20s) that I have an incoming call.   

Incoming calls are signalled just fine if the GoPro backpack is off and not connected.   Outbound calls seem to be fine.   The problem is just that I miss all the phone calls that are inbound while I'm flying my paramotor and connected to the GP10.

Is there some configuration setting perhaps that I need to change?   Or is this a limitation in the hardware/firmware/software?

Thanks in advance for any/all help.

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