Sena Motorcycle app with Sena 50s

We are having trouble with the volume with the 50S as well as having issues with running xm and still being able to talk to each other same with FM radio.

Volume: In the Sena motorcycle app. None of the sliders change the volume except the intercom button. If we try to change the FM slider or Music slider nothing changes the only control that works is the Intercom slider.

We can not play music and talk when using the Bluetooth intercom. It either plays music we can both hear or we can talk not both. We had the multitask on and still no luck.

When we try to use sirus xm and talk it wont work on Bluetooth and on Mesh the music is way to loud and speaking is way to quiet. again this is where the sliders on the app would come in handy but they are not working. Have tried going to forums with no luck.

I also cannot get voice commands to work

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