Sena Freewire and SRL2 headset

Decided to go wireless as it was time to replace our helmets. Bought a Sena Freewire and an SRL2 headset (since I purchased a Shoei helmet). My first challenge was that the new Freewire was defective (long story). Okay, no big deal the dealer replaced it, I did a firmware update on the new one, paired my headset to the Freewire, and then my phone to the headset (headset firmware updated). All connects and works. However, when connected to the audio system on the bike, engine running or not, I get a static noise equal to the volume of the audio, whether playing FM, AM, Sirus, iPod on Aux, and god forbid I breathe, as it activates the mic and is incredibly loud (sounds almost like the handshake from the modem days). Talked with my dealer, and we checked the settings to ensure Side Tone was disabled, HD intercom is enabled, Advanced Noise Control is enabled, and Audio multitasking is enabled. It is almost as if the mic is always hot and super sensitive. Turned my phone off to see if it might be the issue, no difference. Turned the bike off and made a phone call through my headset and all was well. I'm at a loss, my dealer is at a loss. Any ideas?

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