Speakers for half helmet


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  • homer

    I agree. Many of our members have half helmets with this exact 50S and SENA says that this will not work with a half helmet. Many police only helmets use the 20S and SENA says it will not work.


  • Janes Benth
    Janes Benth

    Yes, I also think so. However, SENA has said that this would not function with a half helmet, which is a problem for many of our members. The 20S is used by many police-only helmets, although SENA maintains it is incompatible with those.


  • frowning fully
    frowning fully

    Yes, I agree with it. The issue for many of our members is that SENA has stated that this would not work with a half helmet drive mad. Many police-only helmets use the 20S, despite SENA's claims to the contrary that they are incompatible.


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