Impulse issues


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  • hans

    I experience the same issue. It seems the connection is not stable at all.
    Hey Sena never worked so far, google is on and off. 

    What role takes Sena in helping us out? 


  • Janes Benth
    Janes Benth

    The same thing happens to me. It appears that connection stability is really poor.
    Google has been intermittently working for me while Sena hasn't.  


  • Karl Hönemann
    Karl Hönemann

    Also here... Sometimes (rarely) it reacts to voice commands (in german) but mostly not. I bought this thing to be able to keep my hands where they should belong, while driving. Fiddling around with thick gloves isn´t, what i´ve spent a lot of money for...

  • dorothyconno

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  • alishakihn

    I experience the same issue. Donkey Kong

  • eComFist

    Sorry to hear about the issues you're facing with the Impulse helmet commands. For the 'Hey Sena' problem, ensure your voice activation settings are configured correctly. As for 'Hey Google,' try reactivating it in your device settings. For the FM radio, make sure the volume down button is pressed accurately. If problems persist, reaching out to Sena's customer support might help resolve these issues. Hope this helps! Top selling products on Amazon

  • Neil Porter
    Neil Porter

    Your answers makes no sense. Voice activation setting ? What settings? On or Off simple. Reactivating Google on your device ? Huh ? It's on or off. FM radio press accurately? With gloves? What's accurately? Within a second ? Finger right in middle of button ? What ?
    The helmet is not hands free.
    You can't even update the firmware with your software. Get this sorted. We need answers.

  • Steven Fong
    Steven Fong

    Hi bought a Sena impulse helment for Christmas, thought i was getting a bluetooth system that would allow me to make phone calls while my two hands remains on the handle bar of my bike. But not the case. You have too push the sceond from the top to wake up google assistant which has to be down loaded from Google play. Very dangerous to let go of your bars while riding infact it is illegal to take your hands off your handle bars in Australia..Don't tell you that on the box.
    The voice system hey sena don't actually work. Have tried this for many days and it don't matter how you say it or whick way around it just don't work like they say it is suspose to
    Another computer gimmick.

  • Steven Fong
    Steven Fong

    Don't waste your money on Bluetooth devices that don't work. If i known it did not work i would not have bought a sena impulse. You see videos that say it all works but when you try it out on your helmet it DON'T work. Videos can de doctored. I would like to see someone from sena show me how it works face to face not video. Real person to real person you know that's what we had before internet days

  • Abdul Majid
    Abdul Majid

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