Pairing Sena SMH5 to GPS and phone

I have the Sena SMH5-FM and would like to pair it with BMW Nav IV and my phone. In this mode the GPS is the hub and I paired the phone and Sena to it. Now I am able to listen to music on my GPS and get calls via my phone.
BUT, in this mode I always have to have the GPS mounted on my motorcycle.
I would like to make the Sena the hub and pair the GPS and phone to it. By this way if I only use the phone, the Sena would connect to it.
I did pair both to the Sena, but as soon as I switch on the Sena, it says "phone connected" and then "media connected" and then the the connection failed to the GPS.

I also paired the Sena and phone to the GPS and then pair the phone separately to the Sena. This works well when GPS is not on, but as soon as I switch on the GPS, the connection to the phone drop.

If there is a procedure to connect both by using the Sena as the hub, can someone please help.

I did got it working on a BMW Nav V before.

Thanks in advance

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