Bluetooth transmitter


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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    Hi Lawrie Maddox

    SENA devices all have function priority, with mobile phone function taking the lead on the list of functions,  then intercom, etc, then music being last. (see your device manual for other listed functions if applicable)

    so this is why you are having issues with that. 

  • Lawrie Maddox
    Lawrie Maddox

    Hi Alex.
    Thanks for your reply, but doesn’t make sense. As explained, I already have the priorities working correctly, but with the later transmitters, it works, but won’t release once signal stops. Could it be that the 20s’s are an older generation Bluetooth, and not compatible with V5.0?

  • Trailryder07

    have you tried using something like this? SENA SM10 DUAL STREAM BLUETOOTH STEREO TRANSMITTER (SM10-01) : Electronics


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